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RubiHawk | Consolidated Business Analytics on MYOB | Melbourne, Australia


Financial dashboards and detailed MYOB reports.


Business analytics for deep comparative analysis.


Define, measure and action business improvements.

RubiHawk Software

This is the RubiHawk software and needs to be installed on the same machine where the MYOB files are kept.  If your MYOB files reside on a file server, then install rubihawk on the same server.

Rubihawk Installer (407 downloads)


Rubihawk Quick Start Guide (367 downloads)
Rubihawk End User Guide (341 downloads)

Remote Support Software

Let our support team help you and save you the time and frustration of having to deal with technical difficulties, after all, we eat, sleep and breathe this stuff.  Download this application, run it, call us and provide the access keys so we can connect to your desktop/laptop and help you to be up and running with minimal disruption.

Rubihawk Remote Support (400 downloads)