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Ever feel you’re not getting all you paid for?

With so much software available on the web these days, it is easy to get this feeling.  There are so many smart phone applications, many of them free.  How many of them leave us feeling truly great?



When you get free software, shareware or beta software, you could expect that you don’t get a fully rounded package, however when you pay for something and you don’t get all the components of a good software, you can often be left feeling somewhat cheated, like having a hole in your toast.

So what are the components that take a software from good to great?

Guy Kawasaki described great products as having DICEE qualities, DICEEE consists of:

  1. Deep:  Not just surface level, there are several useful features
  2. Intelligent:  Someone understood my pain and created a solution for it and it just works so well
  3. Complete:  The support system, the tutorials, documentation, helpfulness, enhancements, patches that are easy to get and install. More than just the software download
  4. Empowering:  Makes you feel more creative, more productive.  Brings joy and peace-of-mind
  5. Elegant:  A great interface, looks good, interacts well

I don’t need to add to Guy’s description.  When one of these factors in the list above is missing, the customer is often left frustrated and feeling cheated.  However, when these components are in place and the solution is “DICEE”-compliant, customers start to tell others about their great experience and the power and authenticity of word-of-mouth referral kicks in.  This is where tipping points are created in the market as everyone is looking for that feeling of getting more than they paid for.

It is our goal to make RubiHawk DICEE-compliant and thus spread the joy and satisfaction that our customers feel when using RubiHawk.